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Medical science

gyogyaszatThanks to the beneficial effects of medicinal water, Hajdúszoboszló has been a well-known and recognized medical center since 1932.

The health benefits of the water are proven by research and numerous healed patients.The national reputation soon reached the city, while the professional recognition was given seven years after the breakthrough of thermal water.

Medicinal water and science

Thanks to the knowledge and professional experience gathered over decades, the medical procedures of Hajdúszoboszló are capable of healing various diseases and reliving problems. The healing power of Hajdúszoboszló water is proven by the high number of patients who have been healed over the years and have returned many times. Medical science, even in an early form, has existed in the city since the first period. The spa's medical department was first opened in 1935, featuring a relaxing and massaging section as well as medical office, inhalator, two indoor thermal pools and a drinking hall.

The Hajdúszoboszló Thermal Spa is located in the resort area of the city. In 1999 the thermal spa building was completely renovated, and since then it has been accomodated in a modern building that can operate in a larger area with greater capacity.

Pausal medical treatments

We offer medical treatments also to our foreigner guests, who don’t have Hungarian health insurance card. They can select from special medical treatment packages, which are variable according to the personal needs and the type of illness(es)!


gyogyvizMedical and bath therapy

Thanks to the content and uniqueness of Hajdúszoboszló's medicinal water, it is the basis of all cures that affect the condition of patients by bathing. The spa treatment used, along with other treatments, has been successful for decades thanks to the climate and atmosphere of the spa town. One of the best known methods is the use of mud, which is one of the basic elements of the cures.

The medicinal water is primarily used for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. More than 90 percent of patients with various musculoskeletal, abdominal, and degenerative disorders have been proved to improve nicely.

Good effects of medical water

What kind of illnesses can be cured by the medical water of Hajdúszoboszló? What are those ingredients which makes this medical water not only a simple thermal water? Here you can get answer to these questions.


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